How did it happen? It happened over night. Our bedroom doors started speaking French to us.
At first not even the French-speaking among us could understand them.
Their new brass accents were strange to us, and their broad sweeping gestures…
But still, we were impressed. The doors had completely transformed themselves!
Their accordion hinges were a marvel, the way they opened and closed like little lungs…
We lay awake and listened to them breathing dusty wooden nothings up and down the hall,
until gradually we discerned patterns in their louvered language, and discovered,
to our horror, that we were what they were whispering about!
Those slim slats listened in on our late night phone calls,
heard us kissing and told all, retold our best stories and our worst ones,
held us to promises made in a gasp, secrets spilled in a sigh.

Louvered doors can't keep secrets > > >
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